The New Leadership

Many people want to be leaders but not many have the ability and courage. This time calls for the re-establishment of the human scale, to leadership of a human size.

We are challenged in all areas to become a more intelligent, more humane and more harmonious society.

It requires leaders who have the guts to take their own leadership, to develop their personal leadership and from there connect with others. New leaders, in my opinion, are individuals who embed their own history and use it as a source, who have knowledge of their exterior, of the ego, and of who they are on the inside.

Personal leadership, inner leadership, authentic leadership, whatever you like to call it, first of all it has to do with connecting to your inner self and to act from there. Companies that bring their leadership more in connection with their own inner world, inner self, are more simple, loving and with more fun. More human. Leadership within companies can be easier, more playful and more from the self-organizing power of life. In this way, the full potential of people will be used and people become more effective and happier. That is the New Leadership.

About Lieke Thijssen
Lieke Thijssen is an entrepreneur, coach and inspirator. She is an authority in the field of inner leadership and mentor of leaders, their teams and organizations. It's her passion to bring people back to their origin and help them fully realize their potential.